The Magicians by Lev Grossman

A little bit Harry Potter, a little bit Narnia, a little bit too many plots and ideas. I feel like this should have been three separate books, not even a series. The main character is at wizarding school, then he’s at a different wizarding school, then he’s an angsty young adult with a drinking problem, then he’s in Narnia, then he goes on a quest to resuscitate his girlfriend, then he gives up magic, then he’s in the corporate world, then there’s another love story, then he’s back to Narnia. Grossman apparently wanted to write ten books but thought he might only get the one chance. Plus, the obvious references to preexisting fantasy novels were obnoxious–it’s not “clever” if you just copy an already existing series of books, especially if any one of those books is infinitely better than yours will ever be .

Lambasting said and done, I still kinda enjoyed it, just wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.