I rarely make myself dinner. I cook on weekends, and when I get home in the evening I tend to graze on whatever I find in the cabinets and fridge. Sometimes I’ll reheat a frozen veggie burger. But last night, I was in the mood for a real dinner. Plus I’d had this in the cabinet staring at me for almost a month:

And I also had broccoli that was in desperate need of cooking (it wasn’t too floppy just yet), so I threw it in the oven to broil.

Added some leftover seitan (have yet to figure out how to photograph that stuff looking halfway decent–but that’s okay, I think I’m going to stop making it, I’m not a huge fan and lowering my gluten intake interests me) and came up with this real and complete dinner for a change:

I have to admit I wasn’t blown away by the Trader Joe’s marinara sauce. As much as I love my TJ’s (and I DO love my TJ’s), the sauce was incredibly salty and had little flavor. That said, I should probably eat a real dinner more often (and it’s not like this was even a particularly complex/time consuming meal)–I enjoyed this.

Getting Thai curry takeout tonight and watching an X-Files marathon with my best gal pal so we can gossip about life and relive our first celebrity crush 😀