Why is this morning great already? Hazelnut soy latte. Yummm. Plus, my coworker-neighbor is out of town, so I can steal her space heater for the day and be warm for once (the office temp register is…in the server room. So it attempts to keep a 100 degree room cool while the rest of the building becomes a frigid 50 degrees–or at least feels that cold).

This week did improve in quality. My roommate is okay. He had to spend a day in jail, but is only being charged with assault (“only”?!). And I am going over to my best friend’s to paint and drink wine tonight (this might end up being some interesting artwork).

I bought a new (used) couch. And got my hair re-dyed.

I shouldn’t be allowed near flickr’s editing options. I am also in love with that dress (that was my work outfit yesterday). And in the interest of continued “boldness,” I’m wearing this outfit today:

Just realized there’s a bra hanging behind me. I really should pay more attention to backgrounds. Also please note that I use my weight as a doorstop. I am a fitness queen.