I had a great weekend–HOT, sun, good times with friends. Grilled out last night with my roommate (I bought some Smart Dogs, he bought some hotdog-dogs), cooked some tater tots (mmm, tater tots) and ate on the porch for the first time this year.

Cooking for the Week

I had leftover beans. A roommate had leftover (and unwanted) corn tortillas. Enchilada casserole was born.

Mashed my beans with chili and cumin, put down a layer of grocery-store brand enchilada sauce, then tortillas, bean, spinach, more sauce, more tortillas, more sauce. Bake for 20 min. Perfect lunch-for-the-week!

Sticking with a sort-of-maybe-Mexican theme, I used up the STILL remaining beans and tortillas (if you want lots of food for your money…) for lunch. I also decided to give nutritional yeast another try. I did once, years ago, and couldn’t stand it. It was on sale. Round two. “Nacho cheese” sauce recipe from The 30-Minute Vegan.

I served it with the end of the beans and some baked tortillas (for scooping!)

And now for some vegan anger–I’m sorry, nutritional yeast, but you are living a lie. Will recipes, people and nutritional yeast packaging itself STOP telling me it tastes like cheese, is cheese-like, fills any sort of cheese-analog role? IT DOES NOT. Nutritional yeast, you’re okay as you are. You don’t HAVE to be cheese, you never WILL be cheese. You taste like nutritional yeast, look like it and function like it. I like you as you are, it’s okay, just don’t tell me you’re something you’re not.