I haven’t set goals in a long time, and a little direction never hurt anyone–so here are my goals for next month (although I’m going to try to start a few days early).

May Goals

No sugar. No fake sugar. This means no dessert baking, no Whole Foods cookies, no agave on my peanut butter-banana sandwiches, no Sonic diet cherry limeades, no hazelnut soy lattes. I can have a piece of dark chocolate if I desperately need a treat.

Try a new food once a week. Suggestions?

Run 3 miles in 26 minutes (I did 3 in 28:20 this a.m., felt pretty good)

Eat more fresh food. A.k.a.–Go to the farmer’s market.

Reread Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

Work on my upper body strength

Go to Florida, or at least plan a trip to Florida (the beach!)

Meet a new person

Tackle another crafting project



I’ve mentioned my love for the obnoxiously bright before, right?

In the process of redecorating my room, finished pictures of which will most definitely appear here.