Confessions, inspired by those of Errign:

I have had poptarts for at least one meal a day as of Tuesday. (Clearly at odds with my May goal of no extraneous sugar–oh, well).

I am eating a poptart right now.

I might have a crush on my roommate. Or maybe he’s just a nice guy and I confuse the two.

I hate showering/washing myself in general. There needs to be a dust-bath option for humans.

I love action and horror movies, even if they are awful. I dislike like artsy or meaningful “films,” even if I recognize their quality.

I rearranged my room last night but will probably un-arrange it back. I’m not a fan of change in my personal space (that wall was NOT that close when I woke up yesterday.)

I’m addicted to spray paint…ing things.

I can’t work out at home, because I just end up dancing around like a goon rather than doing my planned exercises.

I want to get into bodybuilding. This probably means I’d have to stop eating poptarts.