Missed a few days of posting. Here’s a recap of my life (and food).


HOCKEY. My friend got us playoff tickets for a sold-out game. 7 rows back. She is amazing. The Preds lost this one, but it was still a blast–and the Preds are still in it! It was also awesome how many Canadians were in Nashville…rooting for the Predators. There are apparently a lot of Canuck-haters in Canada.


I had a terrible week for a variety of reasons. It was time for a drink: a sort-of pina colada. I hate super-sweet drinks. I love rum. The solution:

Drank this magnificent drink while watching a Lifetime movie (sometimes you just need mindless trashiness).


Drove to the parents’ place. Made my mom pre-mother’s day dinner. Indian food!

Indian-spiced lentils

Vegetable curry

Plate of deliciousness. Garam-masala kale, wine and my dad’s homemade bread added to afore-pictured items.


Enjoyed the sun (and my mom’s roses). Made the journey home in time to see Thor (disappointing–I don’t recommend it) and then watch Game of Thrones.

Good weekend.