I forgot to do What I Ate Wednesday (yet again–I’ve remember a whopping total of once). Instead, here is a list of things that bother me. (Fair warning: Adult Language)


I’m sorry, it’s not vintage. It’s old and used. That’s cool, I like old and used. I don’t like vintage. What the fuck does that even mean? I went thrift shopping with a friend who kept exclaiming, “This is SO vintage!” This was exclaimed over some items but not others. I don’t understand. It’s all old and used. What is the defining quality of “vintage?”

I believe the second from the left is "vintage."

My Money Management Skills

I went to Target to buy a yoga mat, so I wouldn’t have to continue sharing yoga mats with the Sweaty Men of my house. The mediocre mats were a whopping $16, and I couldn’t justify such an exorbitant price. Instead, I spent the same amount on three bottles of nail polish. Money well spent? I did convince one of the aforementioned Sweaty Men to let me paint his toenails, so perhaps yes.

I own the yellow. And the purple. And the middle hot pink. And the right hand hot red-pink. And I bought a lime green in a different brand. I like that turquoise, too...