Magician: Apprentice, by Raymond E. Feist

I had read another series (The Serpentwar Saga) by the same author and really enjoyed it (as fun, adventurous fantasy–not as literature of a lasting nature). I thought this might be a nice break after a book about the holocaust. Instead, this ended up being the worst case of false advertising. Magician: Apprentice–You’d think this book would have something to do with magic with a title like that, right? Wrong. The main character accidentally casts a spell 10 pages in. 400 pages later, that is still the only magic that has occurred. What happened during those 400 pages instead? Nothing. They wander around. Wander. Around. For 400 pages. And not even epic Tolkien-style wandering. Just run-of-the-mill wandering. Oh, and there’s a bratty princess everyone is in love with. But she’s bratty and obnoxious, even after she “grows” as a person. You still want to punch her.

So, I finished this book, but only due to sheer stubbornness. I get that this book is clearly setting up a series, but please, could something have happened here instead of just boring prelude? I will not be continuing with the rest.