I’ve been a lazy blogger. I haven’t cooked much, eaten anything interesting or gone on adventures. But guess what? Life is still fabulous, and there is so much I’m looking forward to.

Things I Am Excited About

Tonight: Pizza

Not QUITE what I will be serving…

I have a for-real date with a certain someone (perhaps mentioned in my last confessions). I’m going to make us pizza with lots of fake cheese, sauce and broccoli. Am I more excited about the pizza or the date? I’ll let you decide.

Weekend: Getting a Tattoo

Awesome, right?

My friend and I are on a waiting list for Saturday at an absolutely amazing local tattoo shop. She’s getting snowflakes across her shoulder. I’m going simple for my first tattoo–I’ll leave you in suspense until it happens. I’m nervous, of course, but excited. If nothing opens up, we’ll make an appointment for some time in the very near future.

Next Week: Travels to New York City

New York, New York!

I look forward to this trip every year. On June 2nd (one week!) I will be on my way to NYC to visit a long-time best friend. The combination of rarely seen friend + big-time city? Amazing. Chinatown shopping and dumplings, lots of shopping, free books (she works in publishing), Settlers of Catan (if you don’t know, you should), shows and general big-city fun. Did I mention that this will be my first ever paid time off? What a fabulous concept!

June: Home Alone

Does this movie make you feel old? Yeah, me too.

I am going to house-sit for my parents. I get to spend time with their animals (dog and cat), play in a huge vegetable garden and mostly just read in the sun. (Oh,wait, I also have to work remotely while I’m there?) Getting away from it all for a long weekend sounds juuust right.

July: Travels to Colorado

Colorful? Okay.

Tattoo-friend and I will be visiting her hometown, spending time in Denver, hiking Pike’s Peak, hitting up a ren faire and more. I have never been to CO–I can’t wait (and more of that paid-while-taking-a-vacation stuff)!

And of course, I’m just generally excited for warm weather, cookouts, sun and running outdoors (and reading blogs! πŸ˜€ Too much? No? Good.).