Do ever have weeks where you simply feel like you have nothing to say? That was me last week, trying to blog. This week? I have so much to post! But I’m going to spread it out rather than hit you with a mega-post. So let’s begin with the most important: It’s summer. Because it was 93 degrees yesterday? Sort of. Because I went swimming? Well, yeah. Because I have my own real, fresh veggies? There it is!

My deck garden is producing real food! Already! A tiny cucumber, one freakishly early tomato, and some mint and parsley. Tabbouleh time!

Since some of The Future has become the past, I can update!

Pizza Date: Became delicious veggie burger date. I’m okay with that. The veggie burger. The date? He is much more interested/more serious than I am, and wildly unequal feelings never work. I just…really like being single/casually dating, and I see no reason to change that.

Tattoo: My tattoo-buddy ended up getting a piece that was twice as big as expected, so the artist ran out of time to get to me. We’ll see when I get the nerve up again to go back and get mine done…

New York: Well, this hasn’t happened. But it’s in three days. And I’m excited.