I have to admit it–raw food intimidates me. I see all these recipes, think, “Hey, cool, but wait, expensive dates? Nuts? Food processor? Weird ingredients I’ve never heard of? Dehydrator?” and then run the other way. However, there was a great raw brownie post over at Michelle’s, and a few hours later a coworker sent me this recipe. I knew it was a sign to overcome my fear, break out the magic bullet, and see what I could do!

Raw Vegan Brownies

These are…amazing. And they got RAVE reviews from the three meat-and-dairy loving men of my house. Plus, they are frozen for the perfect summer treat! Or, if you think like me, the perfect summer well-they’re-mostly-healthy dinner!

If you, like me, are food-processor-less, don’t despair! I put the almonds (didn’t use walnuts) through the magic bullet, then soaked the dates a little and squished them up by hand, adding in the almond meal. The top layer whizzes just fine! So, my first foray into raw? Success! And worth the occasional monetary splurge on dates and nuts.