I am back home, and sad to be here (although sleeping in my own bed is always nice). I didn’t want to leave, as usual, and will continue to look for an NYC job. Some day!

While there, I saw buildings:

Ate food:

Hung out with friends:

Oh, I probably shouldn’t stick their pictures up, should I?

And pretended I was a Man in Black visited Flushing Meadows Park:

If you want the rest of the story, I’ll expand:

(No pictures below are mine, I’m terrible at taking pictures while on vacation.)


Took the bus from the airport to Grand Central. I met my friend after work. She makes books happen and works in this building:

We talked about grammar and made fun of errors in signs (the relief of being with a fellow word nerd!). Met up with her boyfriend, grabbed Cambodian sandwiches at Num Pang. I had the cauliflower sandwich–YUM.


We shopped East Village, did a lot of wandering, had the above-pictured dumplings for lunch. Met up with some fabulously gay men who are all working as waiters while waiting to break into Broadway. Ate at the Hummus Kitchen, had the following quinoa salad:

We then played board games, drank margaritas, and I went to bed as soon as everyone started breaking out into show tunes.


Chinatown. My favorite part of every New York visit. Bought ridiculous food items, considered some fake purses, ate dim sum for the first time at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. After Chinatown we relaxed for a bit, I made taco salad for my hosts and then went out for drinks with an old college friend for his birthday.


Went to Queens for the Maloof Money Cup (skateboarding), hung out in the park and returned to Manhattan for shoe shopping with another old friend. Ate Reese’s cereal for dinner. Like a champ.


Back on a plane and back to home/work/life.