Yesterday was a bad day. I was grumpy. I was forced to eat bad Mexican food for lunch. I wanted to go home as soon as I got to work. I found a hole in my sweater.

What’s a girl to do to reverse her grump-a-dump mood?

Pretzel Dogs

I was too hungry/in a rush to take good pictures, but trust me, these came out delicious/gorgeous. Ketchup, sweet and spicy mustard, dijon mustard. I like my mustards. And my ketchup.

I love soft pretzels but hadn’t had one in ages. This dough came out perfectly pretzel-y with the tougher outer layer and soft inner dough, and the beer taste was just right. Plus now my roommates can stop complaining about that one last beer I’ve had in the fridge for weeks. Black Toad (dark ale)=yumm.

Can you believe I’d never tried making pretzels before? In addition to easy deliciousness, they’re also fun. Who doesn’t want to dump a bunch of baking soda into boiling water?

Recipe is credited with many many thanks to Karla. I used half white/half spelt flour and divided the dough to wrap 12 dogs, but otherwise followed everything exactly! Try these, they are easy and AMAZING. I shared with my roommates (manly carnivores), and they were asking when I would be making these again before they’d even finished eating. I have a meager four left in the freezer for another day (or tonight’s dinner…).