Due to an overwhelmingly  lazy weekend, I managed to only take this picture:

Carrot-ginger soup. It was pretty good. But is definitely not an entire post’s worth of talk. And is definitely not the most picturesque food out there. I also made my lunch for the week, but it’s a lima bean-curry mash that is even less photogenic than soup. So I think this calls for a quick weekend recap with a promise of better posts later this week.


Worked. Was relieved to be done with work. Trail ran 2.5 miles in ridiculous amounts of heat despite it being early evening. Passed a couple that was clearly planning some, um, “outdoor fun.” Bow-chicka-bow-wow. Glad I wasn’t running ten minutes later. Sound travels well in the woods.


Did I do anything on Saturday? Grocery shopped. Read a lot. Slopped around the gym without really accomplishing anything. Just right.


Shoe shopped (no, didn’t buy anything, just drooled over some Asics I can’t afford). Read a lot. Sat in the sun. Made broccoli stir fry for the roommates, and one bought tofutti cuties so we could all enjoy the same dessert (aww, adorable. Yep, just described three giant men–my shortest roommate is a 6’2″–as “adorable”). Watched Game of Thrones.