This is going to get personal, so if you’re looking for food pictures or recipes, come back tomorrow (I promise I’m going to get a WIAW in this week).


I went out on a date last night, and have decided this is now officially going to be SINGLE SUMMER in which I do NOT go on dates, do NOT get myself in messes and DO avoid boys at all costs. Why? It is now a statistic (in that I made up this statistic) that 4 out of the 5 guys I go on dates with are rampaging addicts. That remaining 1 out of 5? In recovery. I don’t know why this is what I attract, or am apparently attracted to, but it has to stop.

Sushi Dinner

He took me out for dinner at PM. I feel like I’m going against popular opinion here–but I’m not a huge fan of sushi. It kinda…bores me.

Why the date sounded like a good idea:

  • Met at the gym. He has muscles out the hey, is obviously a morning person, and him being a gym rat means there is already one major interest in common.
  • He is older. I like guys who–theoretically, it turns out–have their shit together.
  • Friendly and talkative. I don’t have to carry the whole conversation by myself.
  • Vegetarian. Well, he still eats fish–but this is the first guy I’ve met with any level of, “Hey, maybe meat isn’t that awesome.”

Why the date was not a good idea:

  • Before we’d even ordered, he dumped an entire glass of water in my lap. Okay, okay–accidents happen, and I am huge klutz so I can’t say much, but it wasn’t a good sign.
  • “Recovering” addict.
  • Does not have a car. His broke down three weeks ago, apparently, so he is walking everywhere. Dude, you’re in your late 30s. Own a car.
  • No real job. He is apparently “building houses” while “working on music” and “writing a screenplay.” I know what all that shit means. Odd jobs while you bum around with no solid plan for ever really working.
  • He went in for a kiss at the end of the date. I went in for a side-hug. ‘Nuff said.


It is time to be honest–I’m bad at dating. I haven’t gone on a good or even reasonable date in…ages. The last guy I dated is in rehab now. The one I dated before that lived in a bunker wallpapered in weapons and was convinced the government was putting things in our water (yes, drugs were involved there). The last real boyfriend I had was a raging alcoholic (he also had no car and no job). So. Done. I don’t want to seriously date anyone anyway, so why put this mess in the middle of my enjoyment of myself?

Are you good at dating/bad at dating? Do you like reading about others’ dating disasters (I have many, many more good tales if so)? Have you found that someone?

Give me some hope for the future, or some incentive to remain single and loving it forever šŸ˜€