Harbor, by John Ajvide Lindqvist

This is a cruddy picture of this book. Why? Because I had to take it myself. Through sweet, sweet publishing connections, I happen to have the manuscript version of this book–which won’t be released until October. Kick-ass! (And yes, I am dorky enough to be really excited about reading a book early).

That said, while I did enjoy this book, it was no Let Me In/Let the Right One In (by the same author). It fell short of reaching the same level of thick creepiness and intrigue. There was no feeling that you were peeling back a corner of this world to reveal a little of the darker place beneath it. I also cared little to nothing about the characters–and while there is nothing wrong with an unlikable character, I still want to care about what he or she is doing. There were also side plots and elements that didn’t quite mesh. This book wanted to be a horror novel, but it never drew me in to that level of enjoyable anxiety. This book just didn’t achieve what it meant to achieve.