Many thanks to all the ladies that responded to my dating disaster post, definitely cheered me up about the present/future!

I dreamed about toast last night.

And before falling asleep, I tackled the Snickerdoodle Blondie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie. I was also inspired by The Mommy Bowl’s recipe for Banana Bread Hummus. Decided to lump the two together by adding banana to my blondie.

The “batter” was AMAZING. I should have left well enough alone and just eaten it as-is, but I didn’t have anything to put it on/eat it with (other than a spoon…).

Instead, I cooked it. And…It tasted of chickpeas, still had a hint of chickpea texture and just…wasn’t that good. I won’t be making the blondie version again. I WILL be making the batter/dip this evening (after stopping at Trader Joe’s to pick up some cinnamon sugar pita chips first–perfect excuse to try those out!), as a friend is coming over for a Nip/Tuck marathon while her house is fumigated (fleas…yuck). Perfect snack-y treat!

And yes, I prefer to eat warm desserts on paper towels.