Yes, two posts in a day, but I know my “book” posts aren’t for everyone. We can’t all be weirdly obsessed readers, can we? Instead, you get a conglomeration of stuff.

Product Review


Trader Joe’s Reduced Carb Tortillas

I like me some bread. And some rice. And some pasta. Mixed together? But despite my love of carbs, these looked pretty good, were all of 45 calories each, and I was in a rush to get out of the store before it got too busy.

What I made: Breakfast. Two TJ’s tortillas, one spread with banana bread chickpea spread (yup, made it again. Nope, didn’t cook it this time. Delicious.), the other spread with almond butter. Review? The tortillas were amazingly soft with a good mild whole-wheat flavor. They were the perfect breakfast base, as I really wanted what was ON the tortilla, rather than the tortilla itself. However, I’m not sure how many ways there would be to use these tortillas. They are fairly small and are very thin, so I’m not sure if they would hold up/hold anything if you wanted to use them as wraps or for tacos.

Makeup Free

A challenge was issued over at Chocolate Covered Katie’s to post a picture of oneself makeup free. Well, I rarely (as in, once every other week?) wear makeup, but I DO like to have it on for pictures. This morning, without waiting for my hair to dry, I pulled out the trusty ol’ camera:

Me, sans makeup. Or hairstyling. On my way to work. Now, the next level up in this challenge is to put up a post-workout pic. We’ll see about that.


You know I love confessing.

I have worn the same pants to work three days in a row. No, no laundry has been done in between.

I’m also wearing flip flops at work, as my boss is out of the office for the day. I feel so naughty.

Gingerale mixed with ginger vodka is a fabulous and spicy drink.

Old episodes of Nip/Tuck are brilliant. Deal with that statement.

I skipped the gym this morning–e-gads! A 6am nap sounded much better.

I wake up early enough to take 6am naps.


Have anything fun planned?