Things I Did This Weekend

I Drank Tea

It may be over 90 degrees outside. I may not care. I love my tea. What’s your favorite drink?

I Went out to Eat

An entirely vegetarian Indian buffet? Please and thank you, Woodlands. Eaten anywhere good lately?

I Met a Caterpillar

You can meet him, too. He lives in my parsley and will someday be a Black Swallowtail. Do you like bugs?

I Made Sweet Potato Falafel

I won’t admit how often I make this (and fresh quinoa tabbouleh to go with it). But it’s a lot. The recipe is from Fatfree Vegan. What’s a favorite go-to recipe of yours?

I Bought Books

I visited my favorite used book store (McKay Used Books). And bought too much. We all saw that coming, though. Have you read any of these? Know of something I should be reading?