What I Ate Wednesday two weeks in a row? Who am I, and what did I do with the old never-quite-gets-around-to-it me?


Toast with almond butter and mango butter (I do like butter! Except, well, that mango butter isn’t particularly good). And some instant decaf coffee. Yeah, instant coffee.


Sweet potato falafel and quinoa tabbouleh (yep, the very same mentioned in my last post). I threw some spinach on top of this, because adding greens to something automatically makes it a salad and therefore healthy.


I was going to make “nachos,” but then it all sort of deconstructed into a bowl of spinach, lima beans and salsa with a side of Nutritional-Yeast-Does-Not-Taste-Like-Nacho-Cheese Sauce (I continue to refuse to acknowledge the so-called “cheesiness” of nooch).


Pink lady apple, raw almonds and the not-pictured but most delicious soy latte.