How best to sum up my amazing weekend away? By telling you what I didn’t do.

I did not turn on my cell phone.

For two whole days. You know how nice it was not to have that constant contact? Makes me at least miss the days before smartphones. Being out of touch just felt good.

I did not use appropriate SPF-age.

The great thing about solitude? Naked sunbathing. The not so great thing about naked sunbathing? Sunburns in awkward places that otherwise don’t see the light.

I did not successfully make cookies.

These are gorgeous, right? And they were amazingly soft and well-textured. If only they tasted good. Or even if they tasted not-awful. However, pina colada cookies are too good of an idea to give up on. I will try again!

I did not stop reading.

3.5 books in 4 days. I’m going to go ahead and be impressed with myself.

I did not dance like someone could see.

I cranked up the crappy/awesome pop and hip-hop and shook it around the house. Trip over my own feet? Who cares. Have no sense of rhythm? Whatever. Look like I’m drowning out of water? Go for it.

I relaxed, but I didn’t relax as well as the cat.

But, really, can anyone compete with cats in the relaxation department? This used to be my cat, but he is clearly meant to be a country boy. His name is Gray Cat. My pet-naming services are free, if you’re interested.