My continued apologies to the beet-haters of the world, but I happen to have a free supply of all the beets-you-can-eat, and I am hardly one to poo-poo free. Plus even if you don’t like the taste, you’ve gotta admit they are gorgeous.

Beet Burgers

Freezing veggie burgers=best way to save veggies for a lazy day.

The recipe is here, although I of course can never actually make a recipe as written, so there were some tweaks. Also, while delicious, I would not label these “Best-Ever Veggie Burgers,” just “Pretty Darn Good Veggie Burgers That Get the Job Done If You Like Beets and Don’t Need a Burger That Will Hold up on a Grill.” Less catchy though, huh?

Choco-Beet Muffins

Have you heard about the glories of beets in chocolate desserts? I sure have, so I figured I’d give it a go, maybe come up with a great healthy (but delicious) vegan muffin recipe for you. If only! These tasted like…beets. Which I like. When they are beets. But not in my dessert.

The upside? Playing Boggle while waiting for these to bake. I dominate at Boggle.

Confession time: I did not eat the rest of these muffins after tasting the first. I did, however, go through each muffin and pick out (and eat) all the chocolate chips before tossing the torn-apart baked mess in the trash.

Beet Socca

Yes, that’s what color the batter actually was. No fancy photo-editing involved. And we all knew beet socca was coming, right? Someday my obsession with socca will wane. Until then, you get to read about it. Since it was the 4th, I figured a bright red meal would be patriotic. I also ate it with some ketchup and yellow mustard, because what’s more American than ketchup and fake yellow food?

Beet Socca

1 Small beet, already cooked (roast, steam–your choice)

1/2-3/4 C Water

1/2 C chickpea or chickpea/fava flour

Blend the beet and water in your blender. Admire the fuchsia color. Add to the flour, stir. Heat some oil in a frying pan, then spread out your batter. Cook one side, flip, cook the other. This socca took a lot longer to cook than the plain or spinach versions I’ve tried, so be patient before trying to flip!

Got any creative ways for me to use up this apparently never-ending supply of beets?