I’ve posted little other than food recently, so I plan to actually talk about, you know, feelings or something like that in the near future. In the meantime, have a What I Ate Wednesday!


Overnight oats with chia seeds and coconut. Yum!


Karla’s Lemon Barley Stew (used sweet potatoes instead of white, put it ON spinach rather than adding spinach IN). Terrible picture, but I took it in the dark of early morning lunch assembly. Barley is my favorite soup ingredient of all time. Although, thanks to this recipe, lemon is coming in a close second.


Yep, beet socca again! With mustard and ketchup. Again. It wasn’t the best day yesterday, so I decided to balance wholesome with salt and sugar in condiment form.


Pink lady apple, big handful of almonds (if I call it a “handful” it sounds like a reasonable amount, right?), a few spoonfuls of almond butter (which my brain registers as being a different food from almonds) and some mango lemonade (by “some” I mean the majority of a bottle of the Santa Cruz stuff on sale at Whole Foods).