I mentioned my pizza-and-beer night in my last post. I failed to mention that it was guilt-free pizza (well, all food should be guilt free in my opinion–let’s go with, “It was healthy pizza” and, “It was cheaper than delivery pizza.” The last was what won me over). It was so good, I made it again last night.

Socca Pizza

Round 1: Socca base, Kroger pizza sauce, sauteed banana peppers, sliced balsamic-roasted beets. And all of it drizzled with nutritional yeast sauce.

Round 2: Socca base, Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, fresh basil, sliced balsamic-roasted beets (and with that, my beets are gone, so all readers, rejoice! You will hear no more mention of beets for at least a few posts…)

Hmm…I think something’s missing from the pan. This was the work of a very impatient (and very hungry) food blogger.

Socca “Crust” Directions: Oil a 9×13 or similar-sized pan. Whisk 1 Cup chickpea/chickpea-fava flour with 1 Cup water. Bake in a 350F oven until firm (let’s go with 25 minutes). Top it, heat it, eat it.


The heat index yesterday was 110. Today is supposed to be 113. I ran in it last night. And then again this morning. I’m not a big sweat-er (had to put that hyphen in, because while I am not a sweater nor a cardigan nor a hoodie, I am also not the sort of person that sweats profusely or easily–unless I’m nervous, but that’s a whole different story) and it felt oddly good to finish my runs with a damp tank top. Despite that, my trip to Colorado and low 80s weather is looking better every day (I leave late tomorrow!).