All good things must come to an end.

Colorado was spectacular.

I hiked things.

(Okay, okay–didn’t hike this thing, but things were hiked)

Saw animals.

And admired the view.

If you need more than that, details follow.


Arrived at the Denver airport. Drove to Colorado Springs. Slept.


Hiked around Garden of the Gods in the morning, explored the hippie haven that is Manitou in the afternoon. Split a pitcher of margaritas with my lovely friend. Went slightly tipsy grocery shopping. Relaxed at my friend’s parents’ place.


Drove back to Denver. Walked up and down the 16th street mall area, spent too much time in book stores. Checked in at our hotel, then went for a run. Ended up on a jog during a thunderstorm and almost stepped on a snake. Extreme jogging.


Drove up Mount Evans on the highest paved road in North America. Stunning. Back in to Denver for more wandering, shopping and bar-hopping.


Ren fair! I love renaissance fairs for the people watching alone. And for the shiny, pointy metal items for sale. Magnificent. After the fair, drove out to the mountain house. This thing is in the middle of beautiful, beautiful nowhere.


Back to Manitou to take the cog railroad up Pike’s Peak. It was okay. I could have passed on the experience (luckily the friend’s fam footed the bill, or I would have been a little upset to have paid that much for a lesser experience than Mount Evans). Back to Colorado Springs, where I hid on the deck with a book, while my friend spent time with nieces and nephews. I find small children (and large children) wildly unappealing and have given up on even pretending to be okay with their presence.


A day in the airport. Thanks to a hailstorm last week, flights were woop-skidooed (yep, let’s pretend that’s a phrase). Plane left two hours late, but at least we were on it.

Home feels so good! I will catch up with you all as soon as possible. Until then, it’s off to nap and read in preparation of real work tomorrow.