Remember when I told you about my future way back when? No? No worries, I didn’t really remember either. That’s more than two days ago. Two days ago is my maximum time frame for detail recall. But since that future has come to pass, I guess it’s time for another future.

This Weekend: The Olympics

That’s right, folks. I’m going to the Olympics. These may be the senior Olympics, and I may be going as a spectator, but still–the Olympics. My (old) dad is competing with his softball team, and the championship games happen to be a mere 30 minutes from where I live. So I’m doing what all the cool kids do with their weekends by watching (old) people play sports. I hope no one breaks a hip.

Next Month: 127 Sale

Have you heard of the 127 sale? It’s the world’s longest yard sale (goes from Michigan to Alabama), and it runs right through my hometown. It’s a week of old junk, impossible traffic and fried pork skins, and it is fabulous. I’m dragging my Colorado companion along with me (since she is the queen of “vintage”) and will show her the highlights of my hometown, since she shared hers. I have a feeling Colorado Springs is a bit more exciting than backwoods Tennessee, however. Unless you count The Walmart and beef jerky as “exciting.”

Five Years from Now: San Diego

My best friend and I decided that we are moving to San Diego in five years. A far distant future? Yep. A great future? Yep. I haven’t had a long-term goal in a long time, and I think this is a good one. If I stick with my current job, I’ll have great experience for finding another, and it will be fun to give the West Coast a try.