Best Part of the Morning

Monday, here I come. Fresh peaches, oatmeal, almond milk, coconut and almond butter. Can you ask for a more complete meal? I think not. Yummm.

Best Part of Parents Being in Town

No, it wasn’t the bronze medal my dad’s team took at the senior Olympics. And no, it wasn’t my dad’s 70+ year old teammates hitting on me (jokingly…I hope). It was the fresh garden bounty they brought. Peaches, tomatoes, green beans, eggplant and blueberries. My parents know the secret to my happiness–fresh food.

Best Part of the Weekend

I finally talked my roommate into letting me wax his back, an event that has been in the works for over a month. An event that has needed to happen. I had fun, although I’m not sure the same could be said for him. He did get to reenact The 40-Year Old Virgin, so it couldn’t have been all bad, right? And he’s still talking to me after the fact, which is a good sign. He wouldn’t let me take before or after pictures, however.

Best Part of Spending Other People’s Money

Sunday meant the mall. This was a weekend of image-improvement for the roommate, apparently. I helped him spend $400 on t-shirts, jeans, shorts and an all-around wardrobe overhaul. In return for me following him around the mall and judging, he took me out to Captain America. It was okay. This was followed by him making stir-fried green beans and tofu. Now that was something to get excited about. It may have just been beans, soy and hoisin sauce, but I didn’t have to cook it. Delicious!