I tried a new food each week in May and made the same goal for this month. I even finished a few days early–go me! In fact, I was so on top of this goal, I even have pictures of myself to go with it. Rejoice, ’cause my goof-ass face doesn’t show up often.

Week 1: Kombucha

My Reaction:

Don’t know if I want. It smells like something you’d throw out of the fridge after it had been sitting there for a few months because no one knew exactly whose item it was. The taste was…a taste. That I might like, but might not. I couldn’t decide. At a whopping $3+ a bottle, however, I don’t think I’ll be buying it again “just to see.”

Week 2: Fresh Figs

I’ve had (and enjoyed) dried figs but have never purchased fresh ones. My reaction:

This was supposed to be me looking at the fig with subtle lust. This might explain why I’m single. These figs were subtle themselves in their sweetness and flavor. I love the texture of fresh, but enjoy the stronger flavor (and slightly cheaper price) of dried. I will remember fresh figs fondly and look for them on sale, however. And when there is a sale, we will run across the grocery store produce section towards each other, arms outspread.

Week 3: Coconut Flour

What I tried to make with it: Banana bread. What I did make with it: Banana-bread pudding. My reaction:

Texture-ful deliciousness. I am much too excited for the early hour at which this photo was taken. But if coconut flour can make me this excited at 5:15am, just think what it can do the rest of the day! I can’t wait to try this stuff out again (and to work more on my making-gluten-free-things-solidify skills). And in case you can’t see in my blurry bowl of breakfast darkness:

Banana “bread,” fresh blueberries and crunchy peanut butter. Breakfast of champs!

Week #4: Korean Food

And more specifically, bibimbap. I didn’t take this pic, but it’s from the restaurant I went to and is exactly what I ordered–thank you, google image search. And since I didn’t have my camera with me, this means no ridiculous reaction pic (you’re welcome). So, my reaction in words:

It was a bit dull (sliced veggies over white rice with tofu on top). However, I doused it in an amazing hot sauce and left feeling much more refreshed than I usually do after Asian food. The bibimbap was the only vegan item on the menu (and I had to request no fried egg on top), but I would love to try a more veg-friendly Korean restaurant and give some other items a go.