This is a What I Ate Wednesday, but it is also a What I Ate Wednesday-and-the-Week-or-So-Before. Why? Leftovers. I love my leftovers. Few things taste worse the next day, and most taste much much better. Plus it means no cooking. I like the path of least resistance.


Leftover coconut flour/banana pudding-bread with homemade chia-blueberry jam (based off of this recipe–although I used fresh blueberries and left out that fake sugar nonsense.)


Leftover everything on top of lettuce. This is a pretty standard lunch for me on a workday. What do I have in the fridge? Old stir-fried green beans, old eggplant sort-of tagine, old plum tomatoes. Voila! Lunch.


Leftover curry lentils with leftover socca for dipping. I didn’t take a picture, because while yellowish-brown smush is delicious, it is not photogenic.


A roommate brought home a cantaloupe left over from a family get-together. I won’t admit how much I ate. (All of it.) Also snacked on blueberries that are passing their prime and scraped some (a lot) of almond butter out of the jar that’s been in my fridge for weeks (I buy the utili-size from Costco, I wouldn’t want to mislead you into thinking a regular jar would last multiple weeks in my fridge).  And of course I had a soy latte. That wasn’t a leftover–it was just delicious.