Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post! It made me smile to read about everyone’s best friends.

And this may be my first ever late night post (how have I avoided that so far?), but I realized I better get my August goals in before the month changes! I did an okay job with July’s goals, so on the next one.

Try a new food each week. May and July were a success!

Paint, draw and write more. My goal is to set aside a few minutes or more each day to do something creative. I’m pretty excited about this one and may or may not have started it a few days early (I’m covered in large blue paint splotches right now, if that gives you a hint).

Manage my money. Okay, I’m good with my money, so this isn’t about saving vs. spending. Without any adjustments in spending habits, I want to keep track of where my money goes for a month.

Get a credit card. This is related to the above. I could do with some of that credit stuff for future car/house/etc. purchasing.

Be more outgoing. Not all the time, that’s just not me, and I don’t even want it to be. But my goal is to challenge myself to do an activity or event outside my comfort zone once or twice this month.

Start lifting. My roommate has been persuaded into letting me tag along when he goes to the gym and uses the scary workout stuff. Like big bars with heavy round things on them. So bench press, military press and squats–here I come.

Any goals of your own this month? Do you like setting goals? I like goals and feelings of achievement, but I mostly just like lists, and goals are a great reason for a list.