Everybody knows what time it is! It’s What I Ate Wednesday:


Give me a stove, an oven and a multitude of strange and unheard of ingredients, and I will whip you up a delicious meal. Give me water, half a cup of oatmeal, and a microwave, and I will spend half an hour of my morning swearing while scraping cooked-over oats off every available microwave surface. I bring you the deluxe and gourmet: Overcooked Oats with Peanut Butter.


I may not be able to make oatmeal, but I can make enchiladas stuffed with homemade jalapeno refried beans, eggplant and bell pepper. No pictures of the guts, but trust me–these are beautiful and delicious.


Fresh guac (a.k.a. One avocado smashed up with lime juice, salt and lots of pepper), fresh tomatoes from my deck garden and the ever-present socca. What did I ever eat before learning about that stuff? And I definitely went back for seconds, the amount below wasn’t even close to enough.


A plum, lots of cantaloupe, several handfuls of golden raisins and mixed nuts. And a soy latte. I swear I don’t get one every day (well…), but they seem to appear weekly in my WIAWs.