You know what we all need? Balance. Sometimes I have a day like Tuesday (a.k.a. yesterday’s WIAW), where I eat reasonable things in reasonable amounts, run in the morning, get errands and chores done after work and push myself hard at the gym in the evening. Other days I sleep in (a little), have too much peanut butter and coffee (is that possible?) for breakfast, go to work and dick around on the internet, then do this:

Sit on the Porch and Read

I am pretty darn lucky–I have this amazing porch and secluded back yard in what is otherwise a pretty crowded city suburb. And it is perfectly in the shade every day when I get home from work. Yes that’s a random unused hose on the deck, and yes that cooler is there for foot-rest purposes, in case you weren’t sure if I was being honest about living in Tennessee.

Eat Dessert for Dinner

Cookies are the usually suspects in my dessert-for-dinner nights, but mangoes have been cheap and of course I bought too many. That means more coconut mango cobbler. I ate both. With a couple spoonfuls of almond butter. That’s like a real meal.

Veg out to Some DVR’d Programming

2.5 hours of unwatched HBO favorites? Yes, please.

And now I’d like to balance the present with the past (see what I did there?) and tackle the 7 Links challenge that Liz tagged me in.

7 Links

My Most Beautiful Post: I have to link my Best Friends post for this one, as much for the ode to a person who makes my life better as for the great comments people left about their best friends!

My Most Popular Post: My WIAW posts tend to get the most traffic, but I believe Dating Disaster #1 and Dating Disaster #2 were among the most popular.

My Most Controversial Post: Haven’t had one yet– that means it’s about time. What should I rant about? Relationships? Religion? Politics? Veganism? Children? Why I believe “neon” is a color?

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me: My post on what I didn’t do over vacation got surprising positive feedback–and I thought I was just rambling!

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved: My book posts/reviews! Okay, okay, I’m not surprised they don’t get more attention, but I often convince myself everyone in the world should be as obsessed with books and reading as me πŸ˜€

The Post I’m Most Proud Of: All of them. Is that a cop-out? I’m proud of what I write, what I take pictures of and what I ramble on about. Oh, none of ’em are perfect or brilliant, but they represent me as I am. If it’s boring, yup, sometimes I am. If it’s funny, yeah, I do that from time to time too. If it obsesses over tasty treats, well, of course that’s going to happen.

How do you find balance in your life? Have you done the “7 links” meme yet? Comment with a link to your post, if so!