For your perusal, a What I Ate Wednesday. Yes, it’s a particularly boring one. If it doesn’t capture your interest, maybe you can go down one more post for some canning inspiration (yes, I’m going to keep reminding you about that post, get ready for it…).


Does this look a lot like last week’s breakfast? It should, because it is the same. And has been the same for over a week now. And I’m still excited to get up and eat Peanut Butter and Jelly Oats every morning. It also means I’m nearing the bottom of the 10 pounds of oatmeal I bought at Costco in January. Yup. Do you ever get stuck on one food that just keeps hitting the spot?

Morning Tea

After breakfast, I jog. After jogging, I tea and read (yes, tea is a verb). This doesn’t make it any easier to actually get going and leave for work.


This would have been my lunch, except I left it at home in the fridge. Instead, I had falafel, hummus and pita from a nearby Mediterranean restaurant. It was okay, but I would have preferred my homemade Indian-Spiced Eggplant and Cauliflower (with extra ginger).

Afternoon Treats

Cherry-banana nice cream makes me happy after work. Half a frozen banana, some frozen cherries and some almond milk blended up make for a delicious you-just-finished-a-day-of-work reward.


Does this look a lot like this morning’s breakfast? It should. Don’t judge me. After going to the gym I realized it was desperately time for new shoes, so I went sneaker-shopping. After sneaker-shopping, it was late and I didn’t want to cook. After staring at my cupboards and fridge for a while, I decided on the 3-minute-no-thinking-involved dinner option. I did have a nectarine with this, that makes a little different from breakfast, right?

Worth eating a lazy dinner late at night for. Most comfortable running sneaks I’ve worn in a long time.