This has been a trying week, to say the least.

I tried to get my car fixed.

But have so far paid $650 to get it not fixed.

I tried couponing.

And saved $13.33–34% off of my grocery bill. That almost makes up for that repair bill, right?

I tried Barbara’s Puffins.

The instant decaf coffee was the highlight of the meal.

I haven’t heard a bad or even mediocre word about this cereal. Well mediocrity get ready, because my review? “Meh.” The texture was average-ish. There was no taste. I had to ADD cinnamon. To cinnamon cereal. Maybe the PB or chocolate versions are better? Well, I’m not spending another $5 on a box to find out. Back to PB&J oats in the morning!

I tried not to get too excited.

Guess which one I'm reading first...

…about new (and used) books in the mail.

I tried to relax-ercise.

If I’m walking, I want to be power-walking. If I’m power-walking, I want to be running. In an effort to slow myself down, I’ve taken upΒ  books-on-tapeMP3. I’m listening to The Last Unicorn (since it’s on this list), and each chapter is 25-30 minutes, the perfect amount of time for an evening walk through the neighborhood. I’m three chapters in, so far so good! It makes for a great conclusion to a day, no matter how trying it may have been.

What have you tried lately?