Do you ever have such a good morning that you just don’t want to spoil it and go to work? I was tempted to call in sick for no reason beyond I am in a good mood, life is fabulous and I wanted to spend the morning reading. I didn’t really  have a post planned, so I’m going to talk about being a morning person (I did mention that I needed a controversial post, didn’t I?).

Yes, I am one of those people who leaps out of bed early, awake and ready to tackle the day. It is uncomfortable/impossible for me to stay in bed. I wake up early–between 4:45am and 5:15am. Weekdays and weekends. I don’t set an alarm. And it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed.

The Food

Some of my morning-person status has to do with the fact that I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal of the day (and is even better after Karla recommended Trader Joe’s chocolate-coffee-sugar grinder–so no, that’s not pepper on my oats). Breakfast foods for other meals are good, but they aren’t the same.

There's typically a healthy portion of nut butter involved here as well...

I read while leisurely eating my breakfast. I can’t remember when I started doing this, but it was at a really young age. I remember early Goosebumps and Cheerios, if that dates me ;D I don’t like spending the night away from home simply because it means I can’t wake up to this routine. Stuck in a habit? Maybe. I’m okay with that.

The Neighborhood

Breakfast is followed by a jog (or a walk on particularly lazy mornings). I get to see the neighborhood wake up, and I get to wave at (and mentally name) the awesome people in my neighborhood out for walks at the same time. There’s The Walking Lady. She is in her 70s, but power-walks 4 miles a day (I  stopped to ask her how far one morning). We make small talk as we pass, and she tells me she’s glad to see me out every morning. I’m glad to see her, too. There’s The Walk Dogger who lets her old dog take the (rather slow) lead. They weave back and forth across the road and stop at every bush and mailbox along the way. There’s The Whirling Dervish who spends half an hour walking tiny laps around his short driveway. And there’s Old Man Pants who shuffles along the sidewalk wearing turquoise sweatpants up past his ribs. And Nike Jordans. Sweet combo–I will rock that fashion choice some day.

The “Me” Time

My jog is followed by a quick shower and a quick getting ready for the day (if it’s a weekday). Then I make a big mug of green tea and sit out on my porch for relaxation and reading. I get to watch the birds, chipmunks and rabbits begin their days, before I have to reluctantly get out my chair and start mine.

Brown rice green tea=amazing

Morning or night person? Do you ever name strangers?