Iiiiiit’s Wednesday!


Okay, now, no heart attacks from you my dear readers, but I did not have oatmeal for breakfast. In fact, I am out of oatmeal (insert horrified gasp here). Instead I took the banana-date scone recipe from The Veganomicon and somehow wrangled it into being an apple-apple scone recipe (with no bananas or dates in sight).

Enjoyed with a glob of sunflower seed butter for dipping. These are good, but they are hardly “scones.” They are more “giant breakfast cookies” or “free-form muffins.”


I ran out of chili powder (no oatmeal, no chili powder–can you tell it’s time for me to stop putting off a trip to the grocery store?), so my veggie chili is really more veggie cumin. That said, it’s chock full of every veggie imaginable (eggplant, fresh tomato, bok choy, butternut squash), so you can’t really go wrong.


Two handfuls of almonds, an apple and some terrible office coffee. I think that means I get a Starbuck’s treat with my lunch.


Well, this hasn’t happened yet. What should I make when I get home?

I could make this spicy peanut sauce again–it’s amazing.

I could have leftover spaghetti and eggplant “meat” balls.

I could be adventurous and try tomato chutney.

Any other must-make ideas for me?