I have to admit…

Confession #1: Despite eggplant “meat” balls being the winner in my “what should I eat for dinner?” poll yesterday, I went ahead and made this spicy peanut sauce–because it is delicious. And spicy (when I more than doubled the sriracha). Want a sweeter/more thai-like sauce instead? Try this peanut sauce. I got my base ingredients ready. Soba noodles, steamed spinach and roasted kabocha squash.

And then I added my sauce.

Confession #2: Spoon + leftover sauce = magic.

Confession #3: I accidentally started a romance novel. And am really, really, shamefully, enjoying it. Who will she choose??!!

Confession #4: I finally bought glasses, but I refuse to wear them to work until I get my hair redyed.

Confession #5: I’ll be eating cookies for dinner, drinking boxed wine and watching Jersey Shore tonight.