This week is already great.

Woah–I’ve never won a giveaway before! Does that mean it’s now time to pay it forward? Stay tuned in the next few weeks, I juuust might put something together πŸ˜‰

And now, remember how I set some goals for the month? And how one of those was to try one new food a week? Well, the month is almost up, so here are my August food adventures (and check out May and July for more new food fun).

Week 1: Sunflower Seed Butter

My reaction:

Do I seem over-enthusiastic? Nope. That is a correct portrayal of my emotions. You’ve probably seen sunbutter mentioned in a few previous posts–I couldn’t keep quiet about it. I’m in love. Who needs men when you have expensive butters and oatmeal to put it on?

Week 2: Fig Jam

My reaction:

So I had fresh figs for the first time last month, and I stumbled across this jam and decided to give it a go. Meh. It was really more jelly and didn’t taste like much of anything besides sugar. So, fig jam=sugar jelly? Oh, well. Maybe I’ll try a different brand some day. Until then: Fig jam, you don’t impress me much (thank you, The ’90s. I’d wear that outfit, no lie.).

Week 3: Kabocha Squash

My reaction

(Did you see the new glasses?) YUM. This is like, sweet potato meets pumpkin meets sweet, soft flavorful deliciousness. YES. I will be living off of this squash all fall and winter.

Week 4: Jackfruit

My reaction:

Okay, okay–this was my reaction to potentially getting caught taking pictures of myself in the office break room. The jackfruit itself is tofu-like in that it has no taste and just absorbs what is around it, but it is freakishly baked-chicken-breast-like in appearance and texture. It made my mole-and-spinach have a nice meaty feel (odd, for a vegetable). I’ll probably use it again (it’s healthy and cheap, thank you Asian supermarket), especially if feeding meat-eaters.

Try any new foods lately? Want to try something?