I left my lunch in the fridge this morning. Tragedy? Perhaps. I’m not particularly fond of the dining out options around the office. This is what happens when the landlord decides to get the deck sanded, and I can’t enjoy my usual morning ritual of tea and reading. I clearly do not handle interruptions to routine well. I do, however, enjoy a good plan for the future.


My Thursday nights consist of friends, food and fist pumping (*ahem* Jersey Shore). Tonight I’ll be painting with my bestie, assembling sweet potato quesadillas and mixing real margaritas (none of that premade mix stuff) before reveling in some gloriously trashy TV.


Home alone. One roommate is going to Florida, another is going to a lake house for the weekend and the third spends Friday nights at his girlfriend’s place. You know how rare it is to have a house for four to yourself? This means: Pajamas at a ridiculously early hour (as soon as I get home from work?), homemade cookies (but what kind should I make?) and three unwatched episodes of True Blood. Treats and TV=Weekend theme.


I’m working. Are “holidays” for real, or is that just a rumor someone started?


This day begins five days of house sitting in the middle of nowhere. I’ll get to read, lay out in the sun and, you know, “work remotely” without having to come in contact with another human being. It will be a much-needed break and may even match the awesomeness of my last house sitting adventure.

What are you looking forward to?