Since I have to work on a holiday, how about we reminisce about a great weekend?


Solo date night. I sure do know how to treat me right. Out of season gingerbread (inspired by Lenna‘s suggestion of gingerbread cookies) from The Urban Vegan cookbook. Combined with TV, a pedicure and a good dark beer.


New (used) books. That I can consider “free” due to trade-ins. Rest of the day spent reading.


First rainy day in what seems like months. Great excuse for a homemade latte, three naps and even more time spent buried in fiction. And I rounded off the evening with a documentary about Gettysburg that I actually found interesting (me=not a history buff). See? It was even an educational day.

What did you do this weekend? Do you find history interesting?

And now off to catch up with all you lovely ladies. Err, I mean “work.” Off to “work.”