As I am more than happy to remind you (and myself!), I am leaving tomorrow evening for 5.5 days of house sitting in the country. That’s right: Working remotely, hanging with a dog and a cat, lots of cooking and reading and no social obligations (or even take-a-shower obligations! TMI?) for 5.5 days.

To prepare I’m using up my fresh (err, well, almost-past-fresh) stuff from the fridge. Which happens to be large numbers of sweet potatoes and carrots. I will be bright orange by Wednesday. Just in time for Jersey Shore on Thursday!

Spiced Cabbage-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

These were inspired by a combination of two recipes from the Moosewood Restaurant Low Fat Favorites cookbook. I picked this book up from the used bookstore on Saturday–and holy cow I’m in love. Yes, it’s vegetarian and not vegan, but as it is a “low fat” cookbook there are only a few cheese recipes and the rest of the substitutions are easy-peasy. All of the recipes in this book are fresh, healthy, full of veggies and utterly inspiring. Plus almost all recipes, ingredients included, are simple enough to fit on one page. I get intimidated if I have to flip.

Sweet Potato Butter

You’ve heard of apple butter. You’ve heard of pumpkin butter. Get ready for the next level of fresh-butter goodness! This stuff is so easy to make, is a sneaky way to get some veggies and is absolutely to die for. And you know I had to put it in my oatmeal (with some peanut butter):

Directions: Take two baked sweet potatoes. Peel ’em. Add 2T of brown sugar (or sweetener of choice in amount of choice), a generous helping of cinnamon and nutmeg and blend it all together (add a little moisture if you need to). Spread on toast and enjoy. Add to your oats and enjoy. Eat with a spoon and enjoy.

Carrot Curry Dip

This is slightly adapted from The Veganomicon. I’ve actually been making use of my cookbook collection recently–go me! This dip/spread has a great Indian-curry flavor and is delicious scooped up with warm socca.

Carrot Cake Muffins

These are “Oh” with a dash of “My!” SO GOOD and incredibly healthy to boot. I used to make muffins all the time (and these are a twist on an all-time favorite base recipe), but my muffin tins have been sadly ignored due to my recent obsession with oatmeal. Recipe for these will be coming soon.

Have a favorite cookbook? Or a favorite muffin?