C-c-c-c-combo maker!

What I Ate Wednesday (as hosted by the lovely Jenn) and The Blissful Blogger Award (as given to me by the lovely Sam): 7 Things about Myself and My Eats from Wednesday Tuesday.

Thing #1

I dislike cold weather, and this sudden drop from 100 to 55 over the course of three days has not made me happy. I would like to move to a desert some day. And become a camel-riding nomad.


Carrot cake muffins with some applesauce. Recipe is still on the way, I promise. Snacked on an orange and a handful of walnuts a few hours later. I do not like plain walnuts–they make my mouth feel weird (love ’em in the muffins, though).

Thing #2

I can never have enough books. I have bookshelves at my house, boxes of books in my closet, old favorites stored at my parents, and am constantly buying new ones. I would like to own a house with a library some day. With one of those rolling wall ladders. This might be at odds with my goal of nomadism.

Thing #3

I am much closer to my parents now than I ever was as a kid. I’ve actually felt like part of a family for the past few years, and it’s an amazing feeling. This makes me more family oriented/spend more time with family than most people my age, but I’m okay with that.


Gingered broccoli stir-fry (from my fabulous Moosewood cookbook) with tempeh and the end of my carrot supply. And a spoonful of PB for a snack.

Thing #4

Sometimes I really want a dog (or a boyfriend), and then I remember that I often resent my plants for the commitment, effort and change in schedule they require of me.

Thing #5

I’ve been browsing Craigslist for a new place to live. I love the house I’m in and the location is amazing, but I need a change. I need to get away from a certain roommate, and I need a place that will be at least slightly warm this winter (old houses don’t hold heat particularly well, fancy that). I can’t spend another winter trapped in a three-foot radius around my spaceย  heater.


What’s “sninner” you ask? It’s when I have places to be (pottery class!), and have a snack for dinner as I race around after work before heading out the door.

My need for sninner handily coincided with my receipt of an awesome box of goodies thanks to Tiff’s giveaway. Despite being labelled “savory,” these were definitely a chocolate-y treat. And were more reminiscent of cereal in texture/shape/size than “crispy thins.” That said–delicious dunked in peanut butter. Who doesn’t want chocolate and peanut butter for sninner?

Thing #6

I pee. A lot. I don’t know if I have a tiny tank or drink a lot of water, but I get up at least every hour at work, while the rest of the office seems to go twice a day at most.


“Oh, a boring mug of milk,” you say. “WRONG,” I say. Hot almond milk with a healthy dash of butterscotch schnapps. There are some positives to cold and rainy weather. Some.

Thing #7

5.5 hours until 5.5 days of house sitting in the middle of nowhere!

Give me some ideas for cooking, crafts or other adventures I should have while in hermit-mode.