I’ve read 50 books this year?? I think that’s cause for a celebration! A celebration involving more reading…

The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson

This is an almost-cyberpunk nanotechnological scifi futuristic adventure. Stephenson creates an interesting future where necessities are provided out of thin air and the world is divided into exclusive clans. A powerful leader decides the world needs independent thought, and he has a powerful piece of technology designed to teach his granddaughter how to be an individual. Others get access to this technology, and then it is a race to rebuild a stagnant world.

The first half of this book is excellent. It all starts going downhill once a weird sex-orgy-clan is introduced and what seemed a minor character suddenly becomes a prominent player. While the necessity for this is later explained, it’s almost half a book later, after pages and pages of “what the heck is going on?” Not that I need everything explained to me, but I would like to know there is at least a reason plot, style and character changes abruptly. Overall I enjoyed this book and its creative look at a nan0-future, but what would have been a five-star review got complicated by a perplexing chunk of novel.