It’s back to the real world. I guess it had to happen sometime, but I certainly had an amazing time house sitting. By my lonesome, I get the chance to be 90 and 10 years old.

Old: I baked yeasted bread and made homemadeΒ  cabbage soup for one meal.
Young: I had popcorn and cookies for another.

Old: I went for long relaxing walks in the country.
Young:I played in the dirt under the pretense of digging up beets.

Old: I took responsible care of a dog and a cat.
Young: I took a picture of a dead vole.

Old: I watched a Mad Men marathon.
Young: I watched a Melissa & Joey marathon.

Old: I had buckwheat waffles for breakfast.
Young: I poured a good half cup of maple syrup on each waffle.

Old: I crocheted and knitted while listening to NPR.
Young: I danced around the house while singing along to hop-hop the radio.

And now that I am back home it’s back to (sort of) acting my age. And catching up on blogs! I’ve missed you lovely ladies.