I combined last week’s WIAW with an award, and since I was so fabulously given The Butterfly Award this week, I thought I’d go for a repeat.

Favorite color: NEON.

Favorite dessert: Cookies. Any cookies. All cookies.


Oatmeal with blueberries, (unpictured) cinnamon and sunflower seed butter.

What really annoys you: Loomers/hoverers. As in people reading over my shoulder, standing too close or otherwise imposing on my personal space or private activities.


Beet and bulgur salad with chickpea protein patties.

When you are upset you: Hit the gym. If running and lifting is not an option, I change my coping method to getting ridiculously stubborn about ridiculous details. (No, I will not eat dinner because someone ate out of my one specific favorite bowl without asking permission even though I left it in the cabinet of general household dishes that everyone can use and even though I could just wash it or use a plate because this isn’t even a bowl-requiring meal I’m just going to stand angrily in the middle of the kitchen and do nothing. Not that this has ever happened or anything…)

Favorite pet: Bo, my beautiful Arabian. He died three years ago and thinking of him still brings tears to my eyes. And not much makes me cry. List of things that make me cry: Memories of Bo and that scene in The Lion King where Simba’s father won’t wake up.

Black or white: NEON.

Biggest fear: Lots of people in hard-to-escape spaces such as elevators, the backseat of two door cars, stairwells or rooms with no windows.


Socca, brussels sprouts and Italian-spiced nutritional yeast sauce for dipping/dunking. Fun fact: It’s brussels sprouts, not brussel sprouts. Yup, I’m a copy editor.

Best feature: My independence. I pay my own bills, live my own life and mess everything up or move everything along of my own volition.

Everyday attitude: Spunky in general with a dash of the doldrums during work hours.

Snacks and Dessert

A.M.: Two clementines, Noon: Spoonful of PB; P.M.: Bread and butter pickles and a few corn chips, Eve: Protein shake (powder, almond milk, cinnamon and frozen peaches)

What is perfection: Imperfection.

Guilty pleasure: I hardly feel guilty about any of my pleasures, but let’s go with dessert for dinner, Jersey Shore and spending too much time in front of the mirror plucking my eyebrows.

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