I went from having nothing to say to now having too much…so it goes. It just means you get two posts today! Make sure you check out my earlier recipe for Mexican Shepherd’s Pie.

I have a job, and it is an amazing job. Not only do I sometimes get paid to hide in a closet for 30 minutes so my boss can play a practical joke, I am also allowed to keep my funky hair in a (somewhat) professional setting. Remember when I dyed it all red?

Well, two months later but randomly in the same tank top, it looks like so:

Did you miss the amazingness? Let’s get that shit in the sun and try again:

Favorite comment from a stranger so far: “It looks like a campfire!”

Campfire hair, I’ll take it.

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done with your hair? I should make a real timeline, starting with my mohawk days…