Subtitled: How I won a giveaway and lost somebody’s dog and now have all sorts of karma balancing to do.

The Good

I won the Joss and Main giveaway from Spabettie! As if I didn’t love Kristina enough already! She has fresh recipes, gorgeous photography, great posts and an adorable daschund–can you ask for more? And yet there is more–she was the first to introduce me to socca, I’ve made and enjoyed her coconut mango cobbler and tomato basil beanballs and I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make her coffee fudge bars!

The Bad

I’m walking to the gym. A woman walks past me with a small black dog: “Is this dog yours? It won’t stop following me.” I say no, walk on. Two seconds later, the dog is following me. I ignore it. No luck. I use my deep angry man voice and tell it to go home. No luck. So, fudge it all, I ignore the thing and keep walking. Across a major busy street, onto another major busy street. Dippy-dog runs along beside me (in the road) the whole time.

After lots of honking from various people angry about a dog in the road, a man pulls up next to me. “Is that dog yours?” “No. It won’t stop following me.” Man stops car, gets out of car, picks up dog, gets back in car. I keep walking.

I’m standing in the driveway after getting home from the gym. A teenage boy in an SUV calls out to me, asks if I’ve seen a small black dog around. In head: “I have pretty much given this boy’s dog to a sketchy man in a car.” Out loud: “I think I saw it around here an hour or so ago.” Not a lie, just an omission, right? Wake up the next morning–neighborhood is plastered in missing dog signs. Ohhh, cue guilt.

Some Reparations

I’m going to put together a giveaway over the weekend–but here’s where you folks come in: I’m not getting freebies from anyone, so I want to give away what you want to get (and what won’t cost me whopping amounts of money). A selection of favorite snackies? Books? Handmade earrings?