War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells

There is no arguing that this is a classic. Published in 1898, it still remains realistic and pertinent (except for the scenes where crowds of people flee via pony cart–and this happens an awful lot). The Martian invasion aspects are creepy, but of course this book is about more than extraterrestrial invasion. The greater issues running through War of the Worlds relate to humanity and how first world countries see themselves, and these continue to apply to life today. This book deserves the attention it has been given, and I can’t see a time at which it will become “outdated.”

That said, I hated the main character. He kept me away from the plot aspects of the novel and kept me from ever getting sucked into the action. The book may be scary, but I was never scared. This did help me notice the underlying themes of this book more, as I spent time trying to not pay as much attention to the main character. Additionally the ending of this book is a somewhat cheap cop-out, but I’ll blame that on the times.