I hate cold weather. And I don’t mean strongly dislike. I mean hate. It makes me miserable, leaves me trapped in the house under a pile of blankets and has absolutely no redeeming qualities as far as I’m concerned. Getting out of bed in the morning is impossible, jogging in the cold hurts my eyes and lungs, I have wear layers, I don’t have access to fresh veggies and there is just so much less to do. My next move is going to be somewhere hot. Like Texas. Or the Sahara desert. Or the sun.

Have you listened to enough whining? I just had to let it out. It is Monday after all.

Truth be told, the future isn’t all bad:

New (Used) Books to Read

Thursday: Childish Gambino

Freaks and Geeks.

Or more on Soundcloud.

Hockey Season

Contemplating buying season tickets.

More Giant Banana-Oatmeal Pancakes

Long Weekends

That’s right folks, I may actually get next Monday off. First non-vacation holiday since last Christmas. For realz. And I need it.

What are youย  looking forward to?